Fanvil i20T SIP Doorphone (Password + RFID)


Key Note

Easy Integration with IPPBX
Support Peer to Peer Scenarios (Non IPPBX mode)
Power over ethernet
Supporting SIP 2.0
Support NC and NO
duplex hands-free, providing voice quality for carrier-class
Supporting password to open the door
Supporting RFID card to open the door
Supporting remote to control the door

Fanvil i20T SIP Doorphone are designed for outside use and connect with most SIP based IP PBXs and hosted telephony services. 

A digital network access System, its core part adopt the mature VOIP solution of Fanvil (broadcom chips) , Stable and reliable performance;Hands-free adopting digital full-duplex mode, loud and clear voice ; generous appearance , durable, simple installation, feel comfortable when you press the keys, low power consumption.

System Diagram


Fanvil I20T SIP Doorphone Connection Diagram | Matrix Technology (HK) Ltd |Tel: +852 39001900 |  - Hong Kong Distributor - 香港代理

Web Business Management
It is mainly used for remote management i20-T voice access device, which includes such features as the device parameter management, access control parameter settings, card, log management.

Access Control
Access control is consist of i20 voice access control, exclusive DC power supply and electric lock .

Inside of i20-T , self-powered electric lock can directly drive the starting current of 500mA power locks; additionally you can also access exclusive external DC power supply and the voice access output control signals , to drive electric lock on and off by access exclusive DC power.

Support Password and RFID

i20T Support Password Control and RFID Access Card Control.
Intercom function
i20-T voice intercom system consists of i20- access control, SIP phones, phones installed SIP soft-terminal, IPPBX .
i20-T Voice Access supports standard SIP protocol, and has good system compatibility with main IPPBX in the market.


• Business: Office, shopping center

• Education: University, school, stadium

• Health: Hospital, laboratory, pharmaceutical plant

• Logistics and Transport: Airport, car park and garage

• Industry: Factory and Product Center


Schematic Diagram

Fanvil I20T | Matrix Technology (HK) Ltd - Hong Kong Distributor - 香港代理

Specification Table

i20T-Spec - Fanvil Hong Kong - Hong Kong Distributor - 香港代理

i20T-function-3 - Fanvil Hong Kong - Hong Kong Distributor - 香港代理




Fanvil i20t Installation - Fanvil Hong Kong - Hong Kong Distributor - 香港代理

i20t-install-2 - Fanvil Hong Kong - Hong Kong Distributor - 香港代理

i20t-install-3 - Fanvil Hong Kong - Hong Kong Distributor - 香港代理


1. Packet Contents

Remarks: Packet Contents


2.Connection and install

Remarks: Connection

Remarks: Install



Remarks: Get Device IP Address

Remarks: SIP account and Speed Dial Setting

Remarks: Issue user Card


4.Door Open

Remarks: Door Remote Open(i20T As Calling)

Remarks: Door Remote Open(i20T As Called)

Remarks: Password door Open

Remarks: RFID door Open


Fanvil i20T IP Doorphone need to register as an extension to a SIP enabled PBX, or on a hosted VoIP platform

IP-PBX Server Compatibility :

Asterisk, Elastix ,Trixbox, Cisco Call Manager,

Alcatel Omni PCX, Avaya IPO, Sipdex IPPBX,

Yeastar IPPBX, 3CX IPPBX Etc…